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Kye Monestery in Spiti Valley

tant; font-variant-numeric: normal !important; line-height: 26px !important; outline: 0px; padding: 0px 0px 10px; text-align: justify;"> Kye Monastery is a famous Tibetan Monastery in Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh and is located at an altitude of 4, 166 meters above sea level. This beautiful monastery is positioned on a picturesque hilltop and is very close to the Spiti River, in the Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh. It's hard to believe, but this spectacular monastery is at least a thousand year old and is the largest monastery in Spiti Valley. It was established in the 11th century and it still houses ancient Buddhist scrolls and paintings. A large number of Buddhist monks, nuns, and lamas live in this religious training center to receive their religious
HistoryThe magnificent Kye Gompa is said to have been founded by Dromton (Brom-ston, 1008-1064 CE), a pupil of the famous teacher, Atisha, in the 11th century. The monastery was frequently attacked by the Mongols and looted by various armies, followed by a devastating fire that broke open in the 1840s. In 1975 a violent earthquake caused further damage to the building. However, the repeated attacks did not steal the charm of this dazzling monastery and frequent renovation and reconstruction has helped it retain its beauty.
Once this monastery was a wonderful example of the monastic architecture that came into prominence during the 14th century because of Chinese influence. The walls of the monastery are decorated with beautiful paintings and murals, thangkas (a painted or embroidered Tibetan banner), valuable manuscripts, stucco images, and unique wind instruments. There is also a collection of weapons used as a defense to fight against the attackers.
HighlightsAround the month of June and July, the Kye monastery celebrates a festival, in which the Chaam dancers are followed by a procession by lamas who reaches the ritual ground below the monastery to perform dance. A large butter sculpture of a demon is set on fire and the devotees lays themselves down on the route, so that the lamas can walk over them as a part of a ritual.
The Key Monastery is located merely 12 kms from Kaza and it has its headquarters in Kaza. One can visit this place directly from Manali by travelling a distance of 210 km from Manali to Kaza and from Kaza to Kye Monastery by taking a bus that runs daily.

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MUSEUM OF HIMACHAL CULTURE & FOLK ART Himachal tour packages,kullu manali packages,kullu manali shimla package


The deposit could be a distinctive and extraordinary assortment of unknown and rare antiques of the state. It demonstrates the just about extinct articles that clearly show the forgotten culture, art and handicraft of Himachal Pradesh. within the method of the Maskpreservation of the culture the deposit has earned  itself fame and place within the field of Art, Culture and business of Himachal Pradesh. The deposit has not solely helped within the preservation of the culture, however it's greatly influenced the general public and has created awareness in their minds concerning the importance of their culture and handicraft. The deposit isn't simply merely a group of ancient antiquities however is that the results of J. R. Sood’s (founder of the museum) analysis, intensive travel within the state, finding out many years for protective the antiques and their history, use and importance within the past days.
The deposit reveals plenty concerning the first human activities, their daily life and their living vogue. It displays a spread of cultures beneath one roof permitting the holidaymaker or traveler to grasp additional concerning the traditional Himachal. It reveals to the holidaymaker and therefore the young generation concerning the tradition, art and culture of the state. It additionally shows however wealthy our state was within the production of handicrafts in handlooms, wood carvings, stone vessels, utensils, house construction, and alternative day to day work of life. The deposit displays models of temples, previous homes and forts, ancient dresses, utensils, musical and ritual instruments, wood carvings and varied alternative articles. This rare assortment helps in knowing additional and exploring similarly as analyzing the history, tradition, art and culture of our ancestors.
It provides a colossal information concerning the previous days and is a superb mirror that reflects the culture and handicraft of the state. The deposit has several fascinating aspects, that ar curious and unexplained, requiring additional discussion and analysis. It offers Associate in Nursing nonpareil chance for the analysis students within the field. The advanced is additionally having a building that encompasses a sensible homely accommodation, descent rooms and family suits. Its location and encompassing views ar pleasant and eye catching. Rooms ar absolutely furnished  all the fundamental and latest facilities, CCTV, EPBX, and room etc. The building additionally grants special schemes for the analysis students and student teams engaged within the exploration of handicraft, art, culture and museology.

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JAKHOO TEMPLE Himachal tour packages,kullu manali packages,kullu manali shimla package


Jakhoo Temple is associate degree ancient temple in Shimla, dedicated to divinity, Hanuman. it's located on Jakhoo Hill, 2.5 km /1.3 miles east from the Ridge, Shimla at a height of two,455 m (8,000 feet) on top of water level. Shimla's highest peak offers a position of the Shivalik Ranges and therefore the city of Sanjauli. associate degree ancient "Lord Hanuman" temple is there and each year an enormous competition is hung on Dussehra. will|you'll|you'll be able to} head to the temple by foot (a steep climb) from Ridge (path behind the church) or can rent a pony/horse. Taxis area unit accessible too. One legend goes that Lord Hanuman stopped there to rest whereas he was sorting out the Sanjivni Booti to revive Lakshmana within the Epic Ramayana.
On arrival at the temple signs advise guests to secure all personal belongings and watch out for the monkeys, that area unit everyplace. this is often applicable because the temple is in honour of the Monkey Lord. guests should take away shoes (and leave them within the "shoe house") before coming into the temple. There area unit many eateries at the temple web site. native guests ring the bell permanently luck before creating the descent into Shimla. World's tallest sculpture of Lord Hanuman was unveiled  to public by Abhishek Bachchan on five Nov 2010. simply on the outskirts of this erstwhile summer capital of a people rule, an enormous 108-feet-high idol of Hanuman was unveiled  at Jakhoo Hanuman temple in 2010, high the complete town.
Given its large size, it might not be out of place to mention that monkeys are going to be ubiquitous during this celebrated traveler destination that already features a giant monkey population. At one08 feet at the best altitude of over 8100 feet and made at a value of Rs 1.5 crores, it surpasses the sculpture of 'Christ the Redeemer', that measures at ninety eight feet DEgree|associate}d stands at an altitude of 2296 feet in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

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CHINTAPURNI TEMPLE Himachal tour packages,kullu manali packages,kullu manali shimla package


Chintpurni (Hindi: चिंतपूर्णी Punjabi: ਚਿੰਤਪੂਰਨੀ) may be a major journey center and one in every of the Hindu deity Peethas in Bharat. The Chintpurni Hindu deity peeth (Chhinnamastika Hindu deity peeth) is found in Una district Himachal Pradesh state, enclosed by the western Himalaya within the north and east within the smaller Shiwalik (or Shivalik) vary bordering the state of geographic region. The Chintpurni Hindu deity Peeth homes the temple of Chinnamastika Devi or Chinnamasta Devi. Chhinnamasta or Chinnamastika temple is one in every of the seven major and fifty one total Hindu deity Peethas. Here, Chhinnamasta is understood because the severed-headed one likewise because the foreheaded-one. The Hindu family tree registers at Chintpurni, Himachal Pradesh ar unbroken here. once Lord Hindu deity cut off the burning body of Maa Sati into fifty one items so Lord Shiva would settle down and stop his Tandava, the items were scattered over varied places within the Indian landmass. it's believed that Sati’s head fell at this place and is so thought-about one in every of the foremost vital of the fifty one Hindu deity Peethas.
The divinity residing in Chintpurni is additionally better-known by the name of Chhinnamastika. in step with Markandeya Purana, divinity Chandi defeated the demons once a fierce battle however 2 of her yogini emanations (Jaya and Vijaya) were still thirsty for a lot of blood. divinity Chandi interrupt her own head to quench Jaya and Vijaya’s thirst for a lot of blood. She is typically shown holding her own cut off head in her hand, drinking one stream of blood running from the arteries in her neck, whereas at her aspect ar 2 naked yoginis, every of whom drinks another stream of blood. Chhinnamasta, the headless divinity, is that the nice Cosmic Power WHO helps the sincere and devoted yogi to dissolve his or her mind, as well as all the create by mental act concepts, attachments and habits into the Pure Divine Consciousness. alienating the top suggests the separation of the mind from the body, that's the liberty of the consciousness from the fabric scope of the body. in step with Puranic traditions, Chhinnamastika Devi are protected by Shiva - Hindu deity Mahadev within the four directions. There ar four Shiva temples - Kaleshwar Mahadev within the east, Narayhana Mahadev within the west, Muchkund Mahadev within the north and Shiva Bari within the south - that ar nearly equal from Chintpurni.
This additionally confirms Chintpurni because the abode of Chhinnamastika Devi. The Chinna Mastika Devi may be a divine embodiment of selflessness and there by the Chintpurni shri is taken into account as a Hindu deity Peetha. The mythology of Daksha yaga and Sati's self ritual killing is that the mythology liked  to the Hindu deity Peethas. Hindu deity Peethas ar holy shrines of Hindu deity related to a mythology that says regarding the falling of body components of the body of Sati Devi, once Lord Shiva carried it and wandered in sorrow. There ar fifty one Hindu deity Peeth related to the fifty one alphabets in Sanskrit. it's believed that Sati Devi's feet fell here. Pandit Mai Das, a Saraswat Brahman, is usually believed to own established this shrine of Mata Chintpurni Devi in Chhaproh village regarding twenty six generations agone. Over time this place became called Chintpurni once the name immortal. His descendants still board Chintpurni and perform prayers and puja at the Chintpurni temple. These descendants ar the official clergymen at the Temple.

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CHANDRAKHANI PASS Himachal tour packages,kullu manali packages,kullu manali shimla package


Chandrakhani Pass (Hindi: चंद्रखनी दर्रा) is found within the Kullu District at a height of three,660 metres. It forms a way(pass) between the villages of Rumsu and Pulag to the documented village of Malana, that indirectly forms a trekking route from Naggar to Malana across the Chandrakhani Pass. The pass incorporates a ton of non secular importance because it was once the seat of meditation for the Saptarishi Jamadagni. A legend has it that there was once an area immortal named Jamlu of Malana, and he had in his had a basket of the native gods, once he was on the highest of the pass, he opened the basket and incidentally a powerful wind came by and blew away all the idols to the near  peaks, that is why all the near  mountain peaks of Indrasan, Deo Tibba, Pir Pinjal & Parbati vary area unit thought of holy and might be seen terribly clearly from the pass. There area unit treks conducted to the present pass frequently, either from the village of Malana or the city of Naggar.Backpack Jaunts will assist you organize a trek to Chandrakhani Pass(prior booking required).
Once the trek starts in Naggar, one passes through the village of Rumsu then to an area named 'Stelling' when that one passes through the bottom camps of 'Ghankuladi', 'Chaklani' , when that one would reach Chandrakhani Pass then descend on to 'Nagroni' then to Malana village. the closest airfield Bhuntar airfield (IATA code KUU) is at Bhuntar city, located on NH21 regarding thirty two.3 km (20.1 mi) south west of Kasol and one0 kilometre (6.2 mi) south of Kullu city. The airfield is additionally referred to as Kullu-Manali airfield and has over a metric linear unit long runway. Air India and a few personal airlines have regular flights to the airfield. Recently chain Bulls unitedly with Deccan Charters have started flights on Kullu-Chandigarh-Kullu sector thrice daily  Daily flight service (except Tuesday) has been started by fifteen could 2013 at Bhunter airfield by Air India from city to Bhuntar and contrariwise. Chandigarh airfield is that the nearest international airfield.
Naggar is equal from Manali additionally as Kullu and might be reached from city by national main road NH one up to Ambala and from there NH twenty two to Chandigarh and from there by national main road NH21 that passes through Bilaspur, Sundernagar, Mandi and Kullu cities. The road distance from Chandigarh to Manali is 316 kilometre (196 mi), and therefore the total distance from city to Manali is 566 kilometre (352 mi). Buses (including Volvo and Mercedes Benz) on this route area unit offered from all major bus terminals.Manali isn't simply approachable by rail. the closest railroad track railheads area unit at Chandigarh (275 kilometre (171 mi)), Pathankot (325 kilometre (202 mi)) and Kalka (310 kilometre (193 mi)). the closest railway railhead is at Joginder Nagar (135 kilometres (84 mi)).See Bilaspur–Mandi–Leh line for the projected railway line through this space.