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The Masroor Rock Cut Temple or Himalayan Pyramid could be a advanced of temples settled in Masroor (or Masrur) in Kangra depression, that is forty kilometres (25 mi) from Kangra town in Kangra district of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. it's currently referred to as 'Thakurwada', which means "Vaishnavite temples". it's a posh of monolithic rock cut temples, in shikhara (raising tower) kind of classical Indian type of architecture, dated by art historians to 6–8th centuries. Such associate type of architecture is exclusive to the northern a part of Bharat|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} whereas there area unit several places in western and southern India wherever such rock-cut structures exist at variety of locations. 
There's a lake or lake referred to as Masroor lake before of this building that shows partial reflection of the temples. A legend attributes its construction to the Pandavas of religious text fame WHO resided here throughout their "incognito" exile from their kingdom.The temple advanced is on a rocky ridge over that associate array of monolithic (made of one block of stone) temples are engraved that agree the monolithic temples of Mahabalipuram, Ellora and Dhamnar caves. The central temple of this advanced, referred to as the Thakurdwara, has in depth well crafted carvings. This shrine facing east has idols of Ram, Lakshman and mythical being (made of black-stone).The temple advanced was 1st known in 1875 cerium on the idea of antiquities found within the geographical area and its subordinate units.

Temple is within the village of Masrur, Tehsil Dehra.However, following printed info concerning the existence of this temple advanced was concerning nearly four decades later within the Annual Report of the anthropology Survey of Bharat (ASI) of 1912–13 as travel info of H.L. Shutterleworth, a British someone, once he was exploring the Himalayas in 1913. Following this there have been several alternative reports on the art and design of this temple advanced by alternative historians.The conservation of the temple advanced became the responsibility of ASI from 1914.

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