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Prashar Lake lies forty nine kilometer north of Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India, with a 3 storied pagoda-like temple dedicated to the sage Prashar. The lake is found at a height of 2730 m on top of water level. With deep blue waters, the lake is command sacred to the sage Prashar and he's regarded to possess meditated there. enclosed by cover peaks and searching down on the quick flowing watercourse Beas, the lake will be approached via Drang.The temple was inbuilt the thirteenth century and legend has it had been designed by a baby from one tree.

The lake encompasses a floating island in it and it's same to be unclear however deep it's, with a diver not having the ability to see its depth.Mythology says that this lake was shaped by Pandawas after they were on their method when religious writing with immortal Kamrunag (based on that this complete natural depression is understood as Kamru natural depression today) to search out best place for his or her teacher, Dev Kamrunag and immortal love the isolation of this place most that he set to remain here for the remainder of his life. On his request, Bheem one among the Pandava brothers shaped the lake by pushing his elbow and forearm on the height of the mountain. which is that the reason believed by locals when oval-shaped lake with depth unknown. associate degree|many another|many} time in storms an nearly 30-meter-tall cedar tree would represent the lake to disappear. nowadays religion from all faiths of individuals brings them here.

As associate giving individuals throw cash, silver coins and gold into the water. This place is accessible for guests throughout the year aside from winter months, i.e. Dec. through March. currently with redoubled religion and guests there square measure few hotels on the market with basic facilities with affordable worth. 03 hrs (106 km) trek from Rohanda to Kamrunag Lake. The place is divine and filled with peace,with previous pictures of Gods and Saint Prashar.The distinctive factor concerning this lake is that there's a patch of grass that moves from one finish to the opposite the summers it's one finish and in winters it touches the opposite finish.The pujari or the priest of the temple isn't a brahmin however a Rajpoot. they assert one among the king was sad with the native priest thus he appointed a Rajpoot priest to show his powers. The ride to the place (by a car) is simply too jarring, particularly the previous few kilometers (approx. fourteen km) however after you see the place, it provides you a sense of feat of finish.