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Pandoh Dam

Pandoh Dham

The Pandoh Dam is associate degree mound dam on the Beas watercourse in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, India. beneath the Beas Project, the dam was completed in 1977 and its primary purpose is electricity power generation. a part of a run-of-the-river power theme, it diverts the waters of the Beas to the southwest through a thirty eight metric linear unit (24 mi) long system of tunnels and channels. The water is employed for power generation at the Dehar Power House before being discharged into the Sutlej watercourse, connecting each rivers. the facility house has associate degree put in capability of 990 MW. The system diverts 256 cumecs (9000 cusecs) of Beas waters to the Satluj watercourse. The project was completed in 1977. the 2 major rivers Beas associate degreed Satluj emanate of the chain and reach some extent wherever they're separated by a crow fly distance of roughly thirty six metric linear unit and have an elevation distinction of roughly 1099 linear unit. 

The waters of Beas square measure continuous be due ice-melt and flow throughout the year. This was completed and a thought created to use the potential of this watercourse system. the facility potential was calculable as one,000 MW. The plans originally referred to as Beas Project Unit - I Beas Satluj Link Project went through many revisions for fun the waters of Beas watercourse. the primary set up ready by geographical area Irrigation Department in 1957. The 1957 set up contemplated a diversion dam at Pandoh, 11.26-kilometre (7.00 mi) tunnel, 19.31-kilometre (12.00 mi) open channel, 4.82-kilometre (3.00 mi) tunnel. The 1957 report was followed by a 1960 report and also the final proposal in 1961. 

The ultimate proposal enclosed seventy six.25-metre (250.2 ft) diversion dam at Pandoh, a 7.62-metre (25.0 ft) dia, 13.11-kilometre (8.15 mi) Pandoh baggi tunnel, 11.8-kilometre (7.3 mi) fragment Nagar hydel channel, 8.53-metre (28.0 ft) dia, 12.35-kilometre (7.67 mi) Sundernagar Satluj tunnel, 22.86-metre (75.0 ft) United States intelligence agency 125-metre (410 ft) high surge shaft, 3 Dehar penstocks split to {6} penstocks and Dehar powerhouse with 6 x one hundred sixty five MW generators. The system would divert nine,000 isometric feet per second (250 m3/s) of the Beas to the Satluj. Gobind Sagar thereby increasing power generation capability at Bhakra Dam and added irrigation waters for the states of geographical area and Haryana. The project was approved in 1963 and commissioned in 1977.
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