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Hidimba Devi Temple

Hidimba Devi Temple

Hidimba Devi Temple, additionally familiar diversely because the Hadimba Temple, is found in Manāli, a hill station within the State of Himāchal Pradesh in north Asian nation. it's associate ancient cave temple dedicated to Hidimbi Devi, partner of Bhima, a figure within the Indian epic Mahabharat. The temple is enclosed by a cedar forest at the foot of the Himālayas. The sanctuary is made over a large rock jutting out of the bottom that was worshiped as a picture of the god. The structure was in-built 1553. The Hidimba Devi or Hidimbi Devi temple is made around a cave wherever Hidimba performed meditation. Hidimba was speculated to have lived there together with her brother Hidimb, and not abundant is understood regarding their oldsters. 

Born into a Rakshas family, Hidimba vowed to marry one World Health Organization would defeat her brother Hidimb, World Health Organization was speculated to be terribly brave and fearless. throughout the Pandava's exile, once they visited Manali; Bhima, one in every of the 5 Pandavas, killed Hidimb. Thereafter, Hidimba married Bhima and gave birth to their son Ghatotkacha. The Hidimba Devi Temple has elaborately carven wood doors and a twenty four meters tall wood "shikhar" or tower on top of the sanctuary. The tower consists of 3 sq. roofs lined with timber tiles and a fourth brass round shape roof at the highest. the planet immortal Durga forms the theme of the most door carvings. 

The temple base is formed out of painted, mud-covered masonry. a huge rock occupies the within of the temple, only a 7.5 cm (3 inch) tall brass image representing immortal Hidimba Devi. A rope hangs down ahead of the rock,and per a legend,in bygone days non secular zealots would tie the hands of "sinners" by the rope then swing them against the rock. regarding seventy metres far from the temple, there's a shrine dedicated to immortal Hidimba's son, Ghatotkacha, World Health Organization was born when she married Bhima. the foremost shocking feature of the temple or what believers might decision the foremost pacifying feature of the temple is that the incontrovertible fact that within the temple the imprint of the feet of the immortal carven on a block of stone square measure idolized.
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