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Namgyal Monastery (Tibetan: རྣམ་གྱལ།, Wylie: rnam rgyal) (also typically observed as "Dalai Lama's Temple ") is presently placed in Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala, India. it's the non-public religious residence of the ordinal lama. Another name for this temple-complex is Namgyal Buddhism school.

This monastery's key role is to help with rituals involving the lama of Xizang. Its main Buddhism practices reportedly embrace those of Kalachakra, Yamantaka, Chakrasamvara, Guhyasamaja, and Vajrakilaya.Founded in either 1564 or 1565 as Phende Lekshe Ling (on the foundations of the since defunct religious residence referred to as Phende Gon) by the Third lama Gyalwa Sonam Gyatso, Namgyal religious residence was renamed in honour of the feminine long immortal Namgyälma in 1571.

Since the completion of construction on the Potala Palace (begun by the Fifth Dalai Lama), Namgyal was historically housed within the red section at the highest of that building in Lhasa.Following the Tibetan insurrection of 1959, Namgyal religious residence resettled to Dharamshala, India, wherever it continues, active, to the present day. in line with Namgyal's web site, Namgyal (Dharamshala) has "nearly 200" monks (up from fifty five in 1959), representing all four main Tibetan monastic lineages.In 1992, on the recommendation of the current lama, Namgyal established associate degree yankee branch in Ithaca, New York, as well as among it the Namgyal religious residence Institute of Buddhist Studies. 

On February eight of 1996, the monks of Namgyal Monastery's Institute of Buddhist Studies offered their 1st "Blessing of Cyberspace" as a part of the "Twenty-four Hours in Cyberspace" event.In 1998, Namgyal incorporated a Tibetan religious residence in Bodhgaya, India, referred to as Gendhen Phelgyeling. That religious residence is currently called Namgyal (Bodhgaya), and has forty five monks.Namgyal (Dharamsala) additionally manages a temple in Kushinagar (since 1967), associate degreed an aged direct Simla (since 1992).Whether the People's Republic of China has maintained an establishment with an equivalent name within Xizang is unclear

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